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Session 4 notes

February 22nd

  • We head to Alassah, which is the last place where Aimia was seen and currently our only lead
  • Lundi takes the ring and deck with him
  • We walk, set up camp, Lundi takes first watch and Faris second
  • Faris sees a V of birds head for Alassah

February 23rd

  • Lundi tries to identify the deck and ring; finds out the deck is used for fortune-telling
  • Lundi draws Past, Present, Future cards from the deck
  • The Empty Throne
  • The Sickness
  • The Brass Dwarf
  • We keep moving towards Alassah. Lundi takes first shift and sees another V of birds head to Alassah.

February 24th

  • During Faris’ night shift, an enemy jumps out of the bushes and charges
  • Faris gets beaten unconscious, bag gets stolen (but thankfully a lot of possessions are in Ruba’s saddlebags)
  • Losses: backpack (2 gp), flint and steel (1 gp), mess kit (2 sp), 9 torches (1cp each), trail rations (5sp each), waterskin (1 gp), signal whistle (8 sp), deck of cards (1 sp), Yarec bracelet (?), Lareya house key (1 gp), compass (10 gp), silk rope 50ft (10 gp)
  • Lundi fails to identify the ring
  • We keep moving to Alassah and set up camp again. During Lundi’s shift, lots of birds pass over. During Faris’ shift, the sky is black with ravens

February 25th

  • Lundi fails to identify the ring
  • We arrive in Alassah
  • The local temple is a healing spa, Faris pays for us both to heal up
  • Faris buys potions for self and Lundi
  • Faris buys replacements for everything that was stolen, except the Yarec bracelet and silk rope. Total price: 18 gp 7 sp.
  • There are birds all over town
  • Spent 3 hours canvassing, people don’t know about Aimia
  • Spent another 4 hours canvassing, people note that the Yarec elder usually shows up in town but that they haven’t seen her this time
  • Sleep in the inn

February 26th

  • There’s a raven fucking around with our window in the middle of the night, no letter, flies off when Faris approaches
  • Faris ties the window shut with rope and goes back to sleep
  • Raven tries again, flies away when Faris tries to wake up Lundi
  • Back to sleep
  • Wake up late
  • Lundi fails to identify the ring
  • We look outside cautiously and see lots of ravens, plan to find the place where they congregate
  • The Ma’el sprout is surrounded by lots of ravens
  • Lundi sees a shady figure, but we find nothing when investigating
  • Lundi tells the ravens in the tree to “take me to your leader”. They respond like normal ravens
  • One local is weirded out about the ravens and is suspicious of us. When asked about magical pilgrimage places, they suggest Ma’el and the healing spa
  • We go to the library and research ravens. We learn lots of info about generic non-magical ravens.
  • Lundi additionally researches shapeshifters. Druids can wildshape, the Beastshape spell exists, but becoming a raven is not low-level.
  • We pick up a map of the nearby area in the library. Aimia wasn’t seen in town, so either she came here covertly or she went to a place nearby.
  • Places of interest nearest to town:
  • ancient ruin
  • nearby oasis
  • tiny chapel
  • We set out for the ancient ruin, which is busy and closed off. The magisterial Minghondian guard has orders not to say anything about it. They don’t have a raven problem, though.
  • Faris tries to seduce the guard, who’s not interested in men. Faris tells the guard they’re not a man. The guard says he looks a lot like a dude for a woman. Faris declares the guard binarist and walks off in a huff.
  • Guards can’t tell us when the site will be open to the public.
  • The map describes this place as IWETET RUIN
  • The ruin has a little tower, mostly intact
  • Guard directs Faris to the Alassah library if they’re interested in this place
  • We head to the chapel instead. There’s an altar devoted to Phila, the sea goddess, and there’s one person in silent prayer… who looks like the statue in the tomb!
  • The woman vanishes. Faris does not remember the encounter or what she looks like, but Lundi happened to see it from outside the chapel.
  • Faris grabs the space in front of them but feels nothing
  • Lundi doesn’t think she looks like the shady Alassah figure
  • Note: the statue already looked vaguely familiar to Lundi the first time we saw it
  • We head back to Alassah for research regarding the Iwetet ruins

Notes to self: buy new rope, because probably left behind in inn. A hemp rope (50ft) is 1 gp and 10 lbs, a silk rope is 10 gp and 5 lbs.


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