The Irdigin Archives

Session 3 notes

February 15th

  • Faris and Lundi take the mysterious letter to the shaman, who can’t read the script.

February 16th

  • Lundi is woken up by the Elders. The Yarec have been attacked by ninjas looking for Aimia, and killed a young boy as an example.
  • At the library, we find the script in the letter in a history book. It’s called Iwetet, is an indigenous script used about 3000 years ago, and it has never been fully translated.
  • Professor Kavelis (?) at the magic academy is interested in seeing the script sample, but before we have a chance to show it to him, a raven drops off a letter telling us that the order of letters has been mixed up and to GTFO. Talking raven agrees to tell us about their master and leads us to an empty house where we can talk.
  • Raven (Mez) can tell us fuck-all but informs us that there’s another letter incoming. We buy a simple lock and turn the abandoned house into a base.
  • Faris tells their parents that the quest for the Doraans became dangerous and that they’re going to lay low for a while and take Ruba. Gives them 25g as well. Parents seem disinterested and stressed out.

February 17th

  • Mez delivers letter to Lundi at Txashum camp. It has a map with coordinates in the desert ~60km away, an amulet, and instructions to put the amulet and the other letter in a slot and on a pedestal there.
  • Lundi buys a gelding and names it Bartholomeus.
  • We navigate to the desert spot and get lost a lot. When we end up back in Lareya after five hours of traveling we decide to buy a compass, which helps.

February 19th

  • We reach the spot. There’s a Ma’el sprout there. We dig down and find a stone block covering a stairwell.
  • The stairwell has two artfully arted statues of a man and a woman near the entrance.
  • We fight an ooze that grew some funky purple fungus. Lundi thinks the fungus is valuable.
  • There’s a room full of treasure and two sarcophagi, and a slot for the amulet and a pedestal. We insert the amulet and place the letter, hear some scraping rock and ominous chanting, and the sarcophagi drop into the floor. When we head back out, the statues are gone.
  • It’s raining outside, and it doesn’t stop until our first overnight rest on the way back to Lareya. Everything is soaked.

February 20th

  • Reached Lareya. Papers don’t mention the monsoon, not out of the ordinary.
  • Faris sets up camp in The Dirty Mug, has Ruba taken care of in the stables, and leaves their tent and bedroll to dry out. They feel sort of sick from being swallowed by the ooze still.
  • Txashum Elders inform Lundi that Aimia returned and died overnight. Lundi visits the Yarec, is told that Aimia died of old age, and the Yarec check for the chalice but don’t find it.

February 21st

  • Lundi and Faris meet up at the base.
  • A raven (not Mez) drops off a message that amounts to “Thanks. -Mez”, in different handwriting than the other letters.
  • Lundi sells the oozeshroom to my dad for 75 gold.
  • We go to the Yarec camp to check for other clues in Aimia’s caravan, with the Yarecs’ permission. Searched for hours to find the key to her writing desk. The wax and parchment match the letters Lundi got but we can’t find a comparable seal. Lundi takes a weakly magical tarot deck and a magic ring.
  • A Yarec gives Lundi a foreboding tarot reading.
  • Back to base, where we sleep in our bedrolls.

February 22nd

  • Lundi attempts to identify the magic on the deck and ring.

Current date: February 22nd in the morning

Side notes:
Profession has been houseruled to provide d20 roll/2 per day.

Quest letter

Dear Lundi,

I need you to deliver the letter you will receive tomorrow to the following place:


Insert the attached amulet in the appropriate slot and place the letter on the central pedestal.

I know you have no reason to trust me, nor can I disclose my location or identity. The artifact that passed through your hands is coveted by many for its powers, and can cause serious harm. It would divide humanity even further if it falls in the wrong hands.

But they don’t know its implications. A far greater danger is upon us and we must stand together and brace ourselves for it. Delivering the letter is a very important task that may save many lives.

Kind regards.

P.S. Bring a shovel

Session 2 notes

Playtime: January 31st to February 15th

  • Faris is indebted to the Doraan family to the tune of 8k.
  • The magical tree (Ma’el) in Minghonda is dying. Non-essential magic (everything except healing and Conjure Water) without a license is currently outlawed.
  • The Yarec camp near the west gates of Lareya, where Lundi dropped off the chalice with Aimia, left and moved west (towards Alassah) on February 1.
  • Faris’ parents left for Minghonda on February 2 to get a permit. Faris and Lundi traveled with them. Parents received no permit.
  • The carriage got attacked by Yarec bandits. They left us some sweet longbows.
  • While in Minghonda, Lundi was attacked by a murder of ravens and marked with a hex. According to the shaman back in Lareya, he is now vulnerable to other hexes and can be scryed.
  • Lundi received a letter marked with the same symbol as his hex scar. It says the hex is a blessing and to be patient. He later received another letter with the same symbol and writing that looks magic-y. We should show it to the shaman.
  • The Doraans currently (since the 9th of February) know that a Txashum boy by the name of Lundi Godiwana retrieved a magical and possibly dangerous artifact from the oasis where Faris was tasked to find an artifact. It has been given to someone close to town for safekeeping but that person is now gone. Faris is still indebted and still chasing it down, and has been asked to keep them updated and to deliver sensitive information in person.
  • On the 12th of February, Lundi got attacked by seven ninjas that tried to get the artifact location. He gave them a fake Yarec name.
  • On the 13th of February, Lundi was supposed to pick up the artifact from the Yarec. Faris and two other Txashum joined given the large number of people after the artifact. The Yarec encampment was still gone. We canvassed bars on the 14th, found out that the Yarec were headed to Alassah, and set out after them. We found the Yarec camp on the way to Alassah but Aimia was not among them (she “had to do something” and left on February 12th, after leaving once before). We traveled back to Lareya alongside the Yarec. They agreed to send a message to the Txashum elders if Aimia returned while they were near Lareya and gave us some crafts.
  • The mugger we captured that has been questioned by the Txashum elders appears to belong to an anti-mageocracy rebel organization. They’re trying to gather magical artifacts and overheard Lundi and Faris talking about one on the street. Didn’t seem harmful so she was let go.
  • Lundi and Faris learned professions (professional gambler + stablemaster). We also do a lot of library research to find out more about the hex and the artifact, respectively. Haven’t found much so far.

Current date/time: February 15th in the evening
Current plan: go to the shaman to show him the hex letter

Faris Kasun's origin story

As a child, while traveling from Alassah to Lareya with my parents, the caravan was stopped because there was a boy waving his arms in the middle of the road. My father took him in to travel with us to Lareya. Apparently his entire clan had died. When we arrived in Lareya, my mother took him away. I didn’t see him again.

When I was 18 I had spent several fruitless years at the Academy of Magic, being talentless, bullied, and isolated. My parents pushed me to keep going – well, more accurately, they didn’t allow me to drop out. The fact that I had a camel instead of a full-blooded horse like everyone else didn’t help. When one of my classmates got a baby gryphon that she clearly mistreated, I could only see one option: free it, and if I was lucky I would get expelled in the process. I stole her keys, hid them in the stables, and set the gryphon free the next day. I was spotted and sent home with a sealed letter to my parents. We’ll see what it says…


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