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Faris Kasun's origin story

As a child, while traveling from Alassah to Lareya with my parents, the caravan was stopped because there was a boy waving his arms in the middle of the road. My father took him in to travel with us to Lareya. Apparently his entire clan had died. When we arrived in Lareya, my mother took him away. I didn’t see him again.

When I was 18 I had spent several fruitless years at the Academy of Magic, being talentless, bullied, and isolated. My parents pushed me to keep going – well, more accurately, they didn’t allow me to drop out. The fact that I had a camel instead of a full-blooded horse like everyone else didn’t help. When one of my classmates got a baby gryphon that she clearly mistreated, I could only see one option: free it, and if I was lucky I would get expelled in the process. I stole her keys, hid them in the stables, and set the gryphon free the next day. I was spotted and sent home with a sealed letter to my parents. We’ll see what it says…

Session 2 notes

Playtime: January 31st to February 15th

  • Faris is indebted to the Doraan family to the tune of 8k.
  • The magical tree (Ma’el) in Minghonda is dying. Non-essential magic (everything except healing and Conjure Water) without a license is currently outlawed.
  • The Yarec camp near the west gates of Lareya, where Lundi dropped off the chalice with Aimia, left and moved west (towards Alassah) on February 1.
  • Faris’ parents left for Minghonda on February 2 to get a permit. Faris and Lundi traveled with them. Parents received no permit.
  • The carriage got attacked by Yarec bandits. They left us some sweet longbows.
  • While in Minghonda, Lundi was attacked by a murder of ravens and marked with a hex. According to the shaman back in Lareya, he is now vulnerable to other hexes and can be scryed.
  • Lundi received a letter marked with the same symbol as his hex scar. It says the hex is a blessing and to be patient. He later received another letter with the same symbol and writing that looks magic-y. We should show it to the shaman.
  • The Doraans currently (since the 9th of February) know that a Txashum boy by the name of Lundi Godiwana retrieved a magical and possibly dangerous artifact from the oasis where Faris was tasked to find an artifact. It has been given to someone close to town for safekeeping but that person is now gone. Faris is still indebted and still chasing it down, and has been asked to keep them updated and to deliver sensitive information in person.
  • On the 12th of February, Lundi got attacked by seven ninjas that tried to get the artifact location. He gave them a fake Yarec name.
  • On the 13th of February, Lundi was supposed to pick up the artifact from the Yarec. Faris and two other Txashum joined given the large number of people after the artifact. The Yarec encampment was still gone. We canvassed bars on the 14th, found out that the Yarec were headed to Alassah, and set out after them. We found the Yarec camp on the way to Alassah but Aimia was not among them (she “had to do something” and left on February 12th, after leaving once before). We traveled back to Lareya alongside the Yarec. They agreed to send a message to the Txashum elders if Aimia returned while they were near Lareya and gave us some crafts.
  • The mugger we captured that has been questioned by the Txashum elders appears to belong to an anti-mageocracy rebel organization. They’re trying to gather magical artifacts and overheard Lundi and Faris talking about one on the street. Didn’t seem harmful so she was let go.
  • Lundi and Faris learned professions (professional gambler + stablemaster). We also do a lot of library research to find out more about the hex and the artifact, respectively. Haven’t found much so far.

Current date/time: February 15th in the evening
Current plan: go to the shaman to show him the hex letter

Quest letter

Dear Lundi,

I need you to deliver the letter you will receive tomorrow to the following place:


Insert the attached amulet in the appropriate slot and place the letter on the central pedestal.

I know you have no reason to trust me, nor can I disclose my location or identity. The artifact that passed through your hands is coveted by many for its powers, and can cause serious harm. It would divide humanity even further if it falls in the wrong hands.

But they don’t know its implications. A far greater danger is upon us and we must stand together and brace ourselves for it. Delivering the letter is a very important task that may save many lives.

Kind regards.

P.S. Bring a shovel

Session 3 notes

February 15th

  • Faris and Lundi take the mysterious letter to the shaman, who can’t read the script.

February 16th

  • Lundi is woken up by the Elders. The Yarec have been attacked by ninjas looking for Aimia, and killed a young boy as an example.
  • At the library, we find the script in the letter in a history book. It’s called Iwetet, is an indigenous script used about 3000 years ago, and it has never been fully translated.
  • Professor Kavelis (?) at the magic academy is interested in seeing the script sample, but before we have a chance to show it to him, a raven drops off a letter telling us that the order of letters has been mixed up and to GTFO. Talking raven agrees to tell us about their master and leads us to an empty house where we can talk.
  • Raven (Mez) can tell us fuck-all but informs us that there’s another letter incoming. We buy a simple lock and turn the abandoned house into a base.
  • Faris tells their parents that the quest for the Doraans became dangerous and that they’re going to lay low for a while and take Ruba. Gives them 25g as well. Parents seem disinterested and stressed out.

February 17th

  • Mez delivers letter to Lundi at Txashum camp. It has a map with coordinates in the desert ~60km away, an amulet, and instructions to put the amulet and the other letter in a slot and on a pedestal there.
  • Lundi buys a gelding and names it Bartholomeus.
  • We navigate to the desert spot and get lost a lot. When we end up back in Lareya after five hours of traveling we decide to buy a compass, which helps.

February 19th

  • We reach the spot. There’s a Ma’el sprout there. We dig down and find a stone block covering a stairwell.
  • The stairwell has two artfully arted statues of a man and a woman near the entrance.
  • We fight an ooze that grew some funky purple fungus. Lundi thinks the fungus is valuable.
  • There’s a room full of treasure and two sarcophagi, and a slot for the amulet and a pedestal. We insert the amulet and place the letter, hear some scraping rock and ominous chanting, and the sarcophagi drop into the floor. When we head back out, the statues are gone.
  • It’s raining outside, and it doesn’t stop until our first overnight rest on the way back to Lareya. Everything is soaked.

February 20th

  • Reached Lareya. Papers don’t mention the monsoon, not out of the ordinary.
  • Faris sets up camp in The Dirty Mug, has Ruba taken care of in the stables, and leaves their tent and bedroll to dry out. They feel sort of sick from being swallowed by the ooze still.
  • Txashum Elders inform Lundi that Aimia returned and died overnight. Lundi visits the Yarec, is told that Aimia died of old age, and the Yarec check for the chalice but don’t find it.

February 21st

  • Lundi and Faris meet up at the base.
  • A raven (not Mez) drops off a message that amounts to “Thanks. -Mez”, in different handwriting than the other letters.
  • Lundi sells the oozeshroom to my dad for 75 gold.
  • We go to the Yarec camp to check for other clues in Aimia’s caravan, with the Yarecs’ permission. Searched for hours to find the key to her writing desk. The wax and parchment match the letters Lundi got but we can’t find a comparable seal. Lundi takes a weakly magical tarot deck and a magic ring.
  • A Yarec gives Lundi a foreboding tarot reading.
  • Back to base, where we sleep in our bedrolls.

February 22nd

  • Lundi attempts to identify the magic on the deck and ring.

Current date: February 22nd in the morning

Side notes:
Profession has been houseruled to provide d20 roll/2 per day.

Session 4 notes

February 22nd

  • We head to Alassah, which is the last place where Aimia was seen and currently our only lead
  • Lundi takes the ring and deck with him
  • We walk, set up camp, Lundi takes first watch and Faris second
  • Faris sees a V of birds head for Alassah

February 23rd

  • Lundi tries to identify the deck and ring; finds out the deck is used for fortune-telling
  • Lundi draws Past, Present, Future cards from the deck
  • The Empty Throne
  • The Sickness
  • The Brass Dwarf
  • We keep moving towards Alassah. Lundi takes first shift and sees another V of birds head to Alassah.

February 24th

  • During Faris’ night shift, an enemy jumps out of the bushes and charges
  • Faris gets beaten unconscious, bag gets stolen (but thankfully a lot of possessions are in Ruba’s saddlebags)
  • Losses: backpack (2 gp), flint and steel (1 gp), mess kit (2 sp), 9 torches (1cp each), trail rations (5sp each), waterskin (1 gp), signal whistle (8 sp), deck of cards (1 sp), Yarec bracelet (?), Lareya house key (1 gp), compass (10 gp), silk rope 50ft (10 gp)
  • Lundi fails to identify the ring
  • We keep moving to Alassah and set up camp again. During Lundi’s shift, lots of birds pass over. During Faris’ shift, the sky is black with ravens

February 25th

  • Lundi fails to identify the ring
  • We arrive in Alassah
  • The local temple is a healing spa, Faris pays for us both to heal up
  • Faris buys potions for self and Lundi
  • Faris buys replacements for everything that was stolen, except the Yarec bracelet and silk rope. Total price: 18 gp 7 sp.
  • There are birds all over town
  • Spent 3 hours canvassing, people don’t know about Aimia
  • Spent another 4 hours canvassing, people note that the Yarec elder usually shows up in town but that they haven’t seen her this time
  • Sleep in the inn

February 26th

  • There’s a raven fucking around with our window in the middle of the night, no letter, flies off when Faris approaches
  • Faris ties the window shut with rope and goes back to sleep
  • Raven tries again, flies away when Faris tries to wake up Lundi
  • Back to sleep
  • Wake up late
  • Lundi fails to identify the ring
  • We look outside cautiously and see lots of ravens, plan to find the place where they congregate
  • The Ma’el sprout is surrounded by lots of ravens
  • Lundi sees a shady figure, but we find nothing when investigating
  • Lundi tells the ravens in the tree to “take me to your leader”. They respond like normal ravens
  • One local is weirded out about the ravens and is suspicious of us. When asked about magical pilgrimage places, they suggest Ma’el and the healing spa
  • We go to the library and research ravens. We learn lots of info about generic non-magical ravens.
  • Lundi additionally researches shapeshifters. Druids can wildshape, the Beastshape spell exists, but becoming a raven is not low-level.
  • We pick up a map of the nearby area in the library. Aimia wasn’t seen in town, so either she came here covertly or she went to a place nearby.
  • Places of interest nearest to town:
  • ancient ruin
  • nearby oasis
  • tiny chapel
  • We set out for the ancient ruin, which is busy and closed off. The magisterial Minghondian guard has orders not to say anything about it. They don’t have a raven problem, though.
  • Faris tries to seduce the guard, who’s not interested in men. Faris tells the guard they’re not a man. The guard says he looks a lot like a dude for a woman. Faris declares the guard binarist and walks off in a huff.
  • Guards can’t tell us when the site will be open to the public.
  • The map describes this place as IWETET RUIN
  • The ruin has a little tower, mostly intact
  • Guard directs Faris to the Alassah library if they’re interested in this place
  • We head to the chapel instead. There’s an altar devoted to Phila, the sea goddess, and there’s one person in silent prayer… who looks like the statue in the tomb!
  • The woman vanishes. Faris does not remember the encounter or what she looks like, but Lundi happened to see it from outside the chapel.
  • Faris grabs the space in front of them but feels nothing
  • Lundi doesn’t think she looks like the shady Alassah figure
  • Note: the statue already looked vaguely familiar to Lundi the first time we saw it
  • We head back to Alassah for research regarding the Iwetet ruins

Notes to self: buy new rope, because probably left behind in inn. A hemp rope (50ft) is 1 gp and 10 lbs, a silk rope is 10 gp and 5 lbs.

Session 5 notes

Lundi’s birthday: December 7th
Faris’ birthday: March 5th

February 26th

  • Back in Alassah in the evening
  • Want to research Iwetet ruins but library is closed
  • Spend 2 hours canvassing about the ruins in the inn where we’re staying. People don’t know what’s up, just that it’s unusual that the ruins are closed. Some think it might be because of the ravens.
  • Lundi wants to invade the ruins at night, Faris wants to sleep at the inn
  • Faris wins, we sleep (without taking shifts)

February 27th

  • We wake up, ring and tarot deck are missing
  • Window is open (fucking ravens)
  • We read the newspaper during breakfast. A few days ago, someone broke into the Iwetet ruin/museum at night. Door was forced, guards saw no one. It’s being investigated but nothing appears to be stolen. There’s a reward for the clue that leads to arrest or information on what’s missing.
  • We search our room for clues about the stolen deck and ring, find a small black feather on the floor (fucking ravens). This seems targeted, so someone who controls ravens (hexer?) is most likely responsible for this.
  • Lundi embarrasses himself by digging through a raven’s nest outside the window, finds a tiny bit of ship wreckage but nothing else
  • We take our mounts and go to the third place of interest recommended to us previously: the oasis
  • Oasis has a cave, Faris wants to enter it
  • Something growls and attacks us, turns out to be a severely diseased-looking wolf (bones visible, grayish, smelly, loose chunks of flesh). We kill it without getting hit.
  • Nothing else in the cave but chunks of rotten flesh.
  • Back to town, arrive around lunchtime
  • We tell a guard about the creepy wolf in the oasis. They’ll investigate with the head of the guard and tell us to report to the barracks tomorrow for a potential reward.
  • We read the newspaper more. There are discussions on gun control in the Minghondian parliament, Ma’el is still doing shitty, lots of people are on the verge of losing their houses after the magic ban culled their livelihoods.
  • We waste four hours in the library researching whatever could cause a wolf to rot. We find nothing and the library closes.
  • Lundi goes gambling, Faris takes care of Ruba (who is grumpy but calms down a bit) and makes it an early night.
  • Sleep (without shifts).

February 28th

  • Nothing bad happened during the night.
  • We go to the guard barracks and get 50 gold (to share) as a reward for the wolf kill.
  • Guard has no more jobs for us but mentions rewards for Iwetet ruin tips. The missing items still haven’t been determined.
  • We visit the Iwetet ruins, which are open to the public again according to the newspaper. Tickets are 1 GP each. The museum contains Iwetet artifacts, including chalices, but not the chalice.
  • The Iwetet worshipped the goddess Ayon, among others, who is still being worshipped and temples devoted to her still exist.
  • Artifacts have lots of depictions of magic and magical creatures (known from myths, but it’s unclear if they ever existed). There’s one depiction of the world tree, but it’s in a negative light.
  • The burial chamber has a lot of wall paintings depicting what seems like a single-person storyline of a heroic young man with a big weapon in a war. It gets darker and includes more fighting as we go on. No depictions of the world tree, no depictions of the statues we saw at the other tomb.
  • The tomb in the middle looks familiar: pedestal in the middle, sarcophagus, statue of the young man from the wall paintings, general treasures. The room is guarded. There’s no amulet slot in the back wall, but the wall itself looks like it was restored at some point. According to a plaque, the tomb was discovered 300 years ago and raided. Some suspicious mechanisms (the amulet slot) suggested a hidden room behind the back wall, but when it was broken down, nothing was discovered (at least nothing that was recorded at the time).
  • (Amulet candidates: Aimia’s ring? The chalice? Any of the amulets in the museum?)
  • We talk to the guard for a bit (who just stubbed his toe on the pedestal). Doesn’t know why the pedestal is in the middle. The warrior buried here was called Mortisen Vilis.
  • We wonder out loud in front of the guard whether a corpse broke in here and laid itself to rest.
  • The wall paintings on the other side of the circular tomb depict an underground river. Afterlife?
  • Back to museum. There’s an amulet that has an engraving like the symbol on Lundi’s arm, found in Shidrashelin. There are also some scrolls with Iwetet writing present.
  • Thought: maybe someone came in to do the ritual, but found that the slot was gone. Maybe the woman we saw from the other tomb? Are they resurrecting people in other tombs as a chain reaction? She does have the power to make people forget they saw her, which could be why the guards didn’t see anyone.
  • Faris buys a museum brochure for 5 gold.
  • Back to Alassah.
  • We try to talk to the captain of the guard, who’s not there. We’re instead directed to the contact person for the Iwetet ruin break-in clues. We ask whether they thought to open the sarcophagus, they roll their eyes and tells us that yes, of course they did, it was empty in the past and it’s empty now.
  • Dinnertime! Faris buys parchment and writes two letters over dinner.
  • Letter to Faris’ parents mentions they’re okay, not to worry, currently in Alassah but don’t know for how long, don’t know how long they’ll stay away but will try to keep them updated.
  • Letter to Doraans mentions that the lead brought Faris to Alassah, where lots of things are going on and they’re not sure which lead to follow further. Asks whether “their” artifact has anything to do with the Iwetet, and that they’ll be in Alassah for long enough to receive a response ( = about a week more).
  • Faris drops both letters off at the post office, to be mailed on the 1st of March.
  • Lundi calls out for Mez outside the inn, gets no response, drinks beer inside and spends the evening gambling.
  • Faris stays in and reads through the Iwetet brochure. There’s an article on the Shidrashelin ruin, which is the largest ruin found intact and presumably where the amulet with Lundi’s symbol was found. It’s the burial site of 9 different people.
  • Sleep, no shifts.

March 1

  • We wake up, nothing stolen, no raven letters.
  • We read the newspaper over breakfast. It’s the first of the month, so there are many evictions today nationwide as a result of the magic ban. A law proposal for gun control has been written, and the parliament will vote on it on March 5th.
  • We go to the library for research. Faris researches the Shidrashelin ruins; Lundi researches Iwetet rituals.
  • Fairly little found after four hours. The Shidrashelin ruin has (assumed to be chronological) depictions of gargantuan dragons fighting, the creation of Ma’el (celebrated by the people), depictions of the 9 people, who appear to be rulers, and imagery of Iwetet parties and debauch. There’s a stretch of wall after that but the wall painting has been damaged.
Session 6 notes

March 1st, cont’d

  • After library research: Lundi goes gambling and earns 3 gold, Faris works as stablehand in the guard barracks and earns 2 gold.
  • One horse has a gangrenous infection and is sent to the investigator’s lab.
  • Stablemaster tells Faris the investigator often has dinner at the Lobster Cove restaurant and provides a name (Mr. Lenti) and description.
  • We sleep and hold watches. Faris hears a thud from outside and sees a figure in black turning around the corner, roughly at 4 at night.

March 2nd

  • Faris informs Lundi about the shadowy figure.
  • We have breakfast and read the paper.
  • Large protests are held in Minghonda and Lareya as a reaction to the magic restrictions, evictions and proposed gun control laws.
  • Ma’el lost an entire branch after it rapidly withered.
  • Biologists are puzzled: both the wolf species AND the disease it carried were never seen before.
  • Faris checks on Ruba. She’s cranky and keeps to one side of the stable, apparently not liking the horse next to her. Horse doesn’t look unusual.
  • Lundi gambles, earning 9 gold 5 silver.
  • Faris stablehands, earning 10 gold.
  • Faris and Lundi head out to the Lobster’s Cove. Faris spots the investigator, who is having dinner with someone unidentified.
  • It’s expensive as fuck and we annoy the waiter by being picky about where to sit (close to the investigator) and then splitting a cheap entrĂ©e.
  • We listen in on the investigator’s chit-chat. Faris approaches him and finds that he’s dining with the head of the guard.
  • Head of the guard introduces Faris to Mr. Lenti. Faris asks to compare notes about the infection and is invited to the table for a glass of wine.
  • Lundi mentions wolf being alive and able to fight, which surprises Mr. Lenti and makes him think the disease could spread faster than anticipated. He mentions a potential national health warning to have any infection examined.
  • Horse infection was apparently just gangrene.
  • There has been a sighting similar to the wolf several weeks ago, near the Tzazok outpost in the south. “A wolf, but scarier.” Specimen hasn’t been found. (Could potentially be the same wolf? Maybe the route between Tzazok and Alassah should be scouted for disease spread.)
  • Mr. Lenti shows a drawing of a “bacterium” in his notebook, with most of the organellae in the cell wall. This is found in infected tissue but not in healthy tissue.
  • Lundi asks whether the bacterium could be magical in origin. Faris asks whether Ma’el has been tested for the presence of this bacterium. Mr. Lenti screams “OH MY GOD HOW HAVE WE BEEN SO STUPID”, grabs his notebook and rushes out of the restaurant.
  • Lundi, Faris and the head of the guard finish eating the luxurious dinner.
  • We return to the inn and take watches. Nothing happens on either watch. We wake up on March 3.
Session 7 notes

March 3rd

  • We wake up in the inn
  • Newspaper: still protests, mostly peaceful, some arrests. We’re skeptical and ask the barman diplomatically what’s new; he tells us to read the papers.
  • The letters Faris sent out are expected back the 5th or 6th at the earliest.
  • We go visit the investigator in his lab. No response after knocking; no one around; no one in the living room when peering through the windows. We go to Ma’el and don’t find Mr. Lenti there either.
  • We go to the guard captain. The guard at the door doesn’t let us through at first. Guard captain hasn’t seen Mr. Lenti since the dinner together either.
  • Faris goes to work at the stables for the day, Lundi goes gambling
  • Lundi hears someone scream outside. Turns out there’s a dragon (sleek, dark, glowing eyes) on a roof in the city. Faris hears the commotion too after a while.
  • Lundi and Faris know fucking nothing about dragons, except that they don’t commonly land in towns, and don’t usually grow larger than Large size – which this one looks to exceed.
  • Fuck.
  • There’s no magic aura, so it’s not an illusion. It doesn’t seem to be rotting.
  • The dragon fucks up the roof that it landed on. The city guard shoots arrows at it, which bounce off. The dragon moves to another building.
  • Lundi speaks Draconic and asks “Why are you here?”
  • Dragon: “Where is he?”
  • Lundi: “Who are you talking about?”
  • Dragon: “The traitor of our lands, Mez Khzazorye.”
  • Civilians flee; the guards keep shooting; people come running from the temple; the dragon fucks up another building.
  • Dragon: “Tell me where Mez is.”
  • Lundi asks what Mez looks like. The dragon describes a pale human with black hair and gray eyes. Lundi says we never met Mez in person. The dragon asks what he knows.
  • Lundi: “We met a raven called Mez, who said he had a master. How did he betray your lands?”
  • The dragon thinks Lundi asks too many questions and smashes another building.
  • Lundi shows the mark on his arm and says a flock of ravens gave it to him. The dragon flies over, grabs Lundi, and flies away with him.
  • wtf
  • No one speaks Draconic so no one knows what just went down.
  • After a town hall meeting, Alassah is being evacuated; everyone is sent to Lareya.
  • Faris gets questioned but has no idea what happened, so is shipped off to Lareya with the rest and gets dirty looks from the people on the caravans.

Lundi’s perspective

  • The dragon asks how he got his mark. Lundi explains he got it from a flock of ravens in Minghonda. The dragon asks if he knows the meaning of the mark; Lundi thinks it’s a sort of hex and an Iwetet symbol.
  • The dragon holds Lundi hostage until “his allies” come for him.
  • Lundi tells the dragon his life story, including information about the artifact. This gets the dragon’s attention as apparently Mez stole this from them.
  • The dragon goes through Lundi’s stuff and finds Mez’ letters, becomes fucking pissed upon finding out Lundi completed this ritual.
  • Lundi attempts to placate the dragon by telling him that Mez has a tendency to contact him, so he’s more valuable alive.
  • The dragon locks him up and leaves.
  • Lundi tries to grease himself up and slip between the bars, but fails.

March 4th

  • Time passes. Lundi is locked up, Faris is evacuated to Lareya.

March 5th (Faris’ birthday, which they forgot about)

  • Faris arrives in Lareya and goes to their parents’ house. They’re not at home and seem to not have been home for a while. The neighbors haven’t seen them lately and note that they were acting funny – hurrying inside, not staying to chat, etc.
  • Faris notes that the investigator was not among the refugees from Alassah.
  • Lundi falls asleep under mysterious circumstances and wakes up in the base in Lareya, with only some of his gear. The mark on his arm is gone.
  • Faris goes to visit the Doraans, who aren’t home. Their butler says they’re in Minghonda for political matters. Faris asks the butler to mention that they dropped by after being evacuated from Alassah after a dragon attack, and that they would like to discuss the letters and everything that happened since. Promises to check back periodically.
  • Lundi goes to the T’xashum elders and relays what happened to him.
  • Faris goes back to base and finds Lundi there, sleeping deeply. They wake up Lundi and get the story explained to them.
  • We go to the Alassah guard captain, who is surprised that Lundi is alive. He gets an explanation and Lundi tells him about the conversation with the dragon. The guard captain has never heard of any Mez, but will ask some people. He also shares that there have been some reports of magic behaving chaotically.
  • There are protests everywhere in the streets.
  • We attempt to avoid being trampled by protesters and try to research this particular dragon in the library, but find nothing of interest. The Iwetet brochure we have depicts large magical beasts, but not this dragon.
  • The crowds outside are getting rowdy.
  • We visit the magic academy to ask a scholar about the Iwetet symbol, but find them closed. A guard tells us there have been terrorist threats so the academy is closed for the time being.
  • Protesters are lighting buildings on fire. The city hall has been lit on fire but put out; normal buildings are on fire; people are getting arrested.
  • We go to base to avoid getting arrested and hang out with Ruba and Bartholomeus for a while.
  • We go to sleep early. Faris takes first watch and sees no buildings being set on fire in our neighborhood.

March 6th

  • We have breakfast in the inn and check the newspaper (Lareya Times). The gun control law passed. There are riots and lots of arrests for burning buildings, and a list of wanted people that has Faris’ mother on it, on suspicions of terrorism.
  • Faris wants to go check whether their parents have been arrested. They’re held and questioned, but are released.
  • Faris checks on their parents’ house for clues. It appears to have been raided. There are no clues in the house or the caravan. They decide to assume that their parents don’t want to be found.
  • Faris lets Lundi borrow 5 gp to start gambling.
  • Faris works and earns 5 gp. Lundi works and earns 4 gp.
  • We sleep in the base. Lundi takes first watch; nothing interesting happens.

March 7th

  • Harvest Moon festival!
  • The riots have died down.
  • We canvass for someone matching Mez’ description, but find no info in the inn or the marketplace.
  • Lundi looks for the Alassah guard captain in the Lareya guard barracks, but is told that he went back to Alassah to check whether it’s safe.
  • Faris checks whether the Doraans are home. They are. Faris tells them about the reason for the dragon attack, Mez the traitor, and gives them a description. The Doraans promptly take Faris off artifact hunting duty because their parents are suspected of terrorism. They’re given a choice: work to pay off their debt, or turn their mother in. The Doraans also note that it seems likely that the artifact was in Alassah.
  • The Doraans tell Faris to check back in every two weeks.
  • Lundi canvasses the inn for Faris’ parents whereabouts. The innkeeper notes the reward for their mother’s capture and tells Lundi that he doesn’t expect anyone to share her whereabouts.
  • New plan: go to Minghonda to see if we can find the investigator.
  • On the way from the inn to the base, we see the rogue that accosted us in the past and we tail her stealthily. She goes to the harbor area and enters a shabby basement belonging to the Shanty Shack. The door locks behind her and we hear her footsteps disappearing.
  • Lundi suggests camping out until she comes back out.
  • Another person comes out: an average-looking guy, looks like he’s been working, covered in tar. When asked, he says that it’s the supply room for the bar.
  • Guy walks on, but stops at a distance and watches us. Lundi intimidates him for the supply room key and tells him to go home because shit’s going down.
  • We go into the supply room – the key fits. There’s no woman; there are no other exits; there are no hidden exits; there’s no evidence of a clothes change or disguise.
  • While we’re searching, the guy from before returns with backup. He doesn’t seem to be the rogue in disguise. He’s also not sensitive to Faris diplomatically apologizing and explaining the situation.
  • We knock out one of these guys and beat up the other. They know nothing about the woman. We apologize, give the key back, and ask them to leave a message at the Frolicking Frog for Team Sugar & Spice if they learn about the assassin.
  • We patch ourselves up with their healing potions and promise to send a healer their way. We head to a nearby shabby temple, dedicated to Phila (“statue woman” nowhere to be seen), and Faris pays 35 gp to get a healer out to the basement underneath the Shanty Shack.
  • We head to the Frolicking Frog and tell them that if anyone leaves a message for Team Sugar & Spice, that’s us, and we’ll check back periodically.
  • We have dinner and work in the evening. Faris earns 5 gp; Lundi earns 2 gp.
  • We sleep in the base. Lundi takes the first watch. At some point during the night, someone pounds on the door: “Magisterial Guard, open up immediately!” Faris opens the door while Lundi hides. Guards and a priest search the base for magical items, find nothing, and leave again. Nothing else seems to happen the rest of the night.


  • Faris takes average HP: 5 (next level 6) + CON mod. Total HP goes from 13 to 20.
  • BAB +1, fort save + 1, 4 skill ranks + 1 for favored class
  • order ability: Lady Luck’s Knight
Session 8 notes

March 8th – Lareya

  • We wake up and go to the Frolicking Frog, where there are no messages for us
  • Someone in the corner is looking at us funny. Turns out Faris is listed by name in the paper as a wanted criminal, but the nose is all wrong. Faris’ father is listed too, on suspicions of terrorism.
  • Faris comes up with the false identity Izudin Mirsad and heads back to base to cut their hair
  • Lundi wants to go back to the Shanty Shack basement to look for hidden doors, and sits outside the basement “covertly”. He is confronted by the bouncer from the day before and asked to leave, so heads back to base.
  • We visit the Shanty Shack, where Lundi shows the bartender a crudely drawn picture of the assassin. The bartender doesn’t know shit about the assassin and doesn’t want to get involved. He does mention that stuff gets stolen somewhat routinely; fine whisky specifically. It’s probably not always the same person, as the lock is not always forced. The bartender claims that only he and the bouncer have the basement key.
  • Failing to find the assassin, we go to the Txashum elders to ask what they found out from when they questioned her. They inform us that she just appeared to be someone who was trying to feed their family.
  • We read the paper, which has a really thick appendix with a lot of wanted people. The front page lists a terrorist attack at the magisterial council; two influential council members were found dead in their beds.
  • Lundi senses revolution and wants to be a part of it, so wants to make some underworld connections. He goes gambling and canvassing while Faris goes to work as a stablehand.
  • Lundi checks his weapons at the door of the casino, spots a gambling bigwig and moves to the poker table with him. He wins a 5 gp hand and tells the guy he can keep his cash in exchange for information. While this man can’t tell him about the terrorists or Faris’ parents, he can hook him up with a gun seller. He slips Lundi a piece of paper while playing another game for 5 gp, which Lundi loses. The bigwig also knows the gun chick, who comes in occasionally and buys some supplies.
  • The slip of paper lists an address in the harbor district. We scope it out from outside: shabby store named The Ranger’s Place, currently closed.
  • Back to base, sleep in shifts. Nothing happens during the night.

March 9th – Lareya

  • Lundi suggests visiting The Ranger’s Place. We head there. They appear to have a selection of ranged weapons.
  • Lundi tells the shopkeeper who he got this address from and that he wants information on people. (“So I hear you supply to people in need.”)
  • We’re lead down to a supply room with a wall of guns, the cheapest of which is 740 gp. We leave without buying anything.
  • Upon leaving, Faris sees someone turn the corner, see us, and turn back – turns out to be the gun chick. We camp out in case she comes back and hide poorly behind a plant pot.
  • Two guards attempt to arrest us for suspicious behavior. Faris informs them of Lundi’s weak bowels, and that he was scoping out the plant pot as an emergency pooping place. They tell us to go poop at the Shanty Shack.
  • We leave for the Shanty Shack and go read the paper there.
  • Lundi interrogates the bartender about why the bouncer isn’t here; is told he’s sick.
  • According to the paper, a dragon razed the dead council member’s houses. Also, Lundi is now wanted too, at a higher price than Faris.
  • We head back to base and spend the rest of the day crafting disguises: same race, same age, different appearance. Faris becomes Izudin Mirsad and Lundi becomes Andile Sebo.
  • We sleep in shifts, nothing happens.

March 10th – Lareya

  • We plan to travel to Minghonda to find the investigator
  • When we head to the Lareya north gate, there are lots of guards around and the gate is closed
  • Lundi asks citizens what’s going on. Apparently there’s a red alert for terrorist attacks so no one’s allowed to travel without a permit.
  • We go get a paper, which doesn’t say much except that some measures will be taken regarding threat level. The good news is that it’s pretty likely that gun chick is also locked in here.
  • We check on Ruba and Bartholomeus, who are cranky and happy respectively, as always
  • We decide to try and find gun chick and find out who sent her after us, by hanging out at shady places in disguise
  • First up: beer at the Shanty Shack. The bartender and bouncer don’t recognize us, though the bartender refuses to share juicy rumors as he takes his patrons’ privacy very seriously. We drink the cheapest ale (4 cp) for two hours without anyone notable arriving.
  • Lundi goes gambling and sees the rogue chick walk in, drop off two daggers at the entrance, and sit down at the blackjack table
  • Faris checks with the stable but they don’t need help today because of the travel ban, so they wander the harbor a bit and see nothing of interest
  • Lundi tries to chat up the rogue chick. She comes here only occasionally and asks for a nonalcoholic drink when offered. Her name is Adriana and she looks about 25. Her (large, working class) family owns a business – postal service – and she helps out. She runs the post office near the city center, which uses pigeons sometimes, but not ravens. She claims to be a normal girl who just wants to get a bit crazy sometimes and gamble away some money.
  • She challenges Lundi to a game, which he wins, surprising her. Lundi quits and says he hopes to see her again.
  • Both Faris and Lundi head back to the Shanty Shack from their respective locations. Faris is punished for metagaming with a tiny flying demon blocking their path. It doesn’t react when approached – just keeps staring – and Faris manages to pass it without problems, just unsettled.
  • Faris tells Lundi about the tiny demon, Lundi tells Faris about Adriana
  • We visit the post office, where Lundi asks if Adriana is working today. He’s told she has the day off. The booth girl giggles like Adriana and turns out to be her cousin.
  • The cost of sending a letter is only 5 cp; may be a way to contact the investigator
  • We stake out the post office for gun chick while Faris writes a letter to Mr. Lenti
  • Dear Mr. Lenti, it is unfortunate that we were unable to reconvene after our last inspiring encounter. I wuld love an update on your research regarding Ma’el, and given the current travel ban, perhaps we can help you acquire research materials from Lareya. Kind regards, F.K. P.S. Please address correspondence to Team Sugar & Spice.
  • We only have his Alassah address, so Faris sends it there and is told it will take 2-3 days to arrive
  • We check the Frolicking Frog for messages for Team Sugar & Spice, but there are none
  • At the Shanty Shack, we order dinner, and Lundi asks the bartender about Adriana while pretending to have a crush. He’s told everyone loves Adriana and to get in line. She’s unpredictable in showing up.
  • We realize that the paper appendix lists names, not only ours but also Adriana’s and gun chick’s, so we check the paper. Adriana was wanted for some minor charges yesterday, but not listed as wanted in today’s paper. Gun chick is, and her name is Diana Tulis.
  • Faris doesn’t know anything about the Tulis family
  • The bartender shares that Adriana visits sometimes, talks to a few people, usually leaves pretty quickly
  • A 50-something guy comes in and also asks the bartender about Adriana. The bartender laughs it off.
  • We plot to get into the basement, because we know the bartender is lying to us: he either came through a hidden basement entrance, or he saw Adriana down there. We plan to hire a rogue to pick the lock and think we may be able to find one at the casino.
Session 9 notes

March 10 – evening in Lareya

  • We head to the casino to find a lockpicking rogue
  • Lundi gambles, Faris joins the audience
  • Lundi asks people what they do for a living, gets a lot of politically correct answers. Someone suggests he shouldn’t ask people about their profession.
  • After an uneventful evening, we leave and go visit the Ranger’s Place, which turns out to be closed. We head back to base and sleep (no shifts, nothing happens).

March 11 – Lareya

  • We discuss the idea of freezing and shattering the lock of the Shanty Shack basement door instead of finding someone to pick the lock
  • The Shanty Shack is closed from 4:00 to 11:00, so we get up early and head to the bar at 6
  • Faris stands guard and will make the sound of a dying giraffe if anyone comes. Lundi magically freezes and tries to shatter the lock, which takes a few tries. Someone throws a shoe out of the window at Lundi and complains about the noise at this time. Faris assumes Lundi notices that and that they don’t need to make the sound of a dying giraffe.
  • Lundi shatters the lock and makes the sound of a living giraffe.
  • We go in – it’s pitch black and Lundi casts Dancing Lights. There’s nothing that could explain why the barman was covered in tar when he came out. We search for hidden passages for half an hour and find a secret door after accidentally leaning against a fake brick.
  • The door opens to reveal a dark hallway. Faris readies an arrow and we head down the hallway, checking for traps every few feet.
  • Faris is stabbed in the side by a spear. Lundi takes the front.
  • Lundi immediately falls through a trapdoor and ends up in the sea. Faris decides to leave the basement while Lundi swims back to shore. We regroup outside and retry.
  • Lundi triggers an arrow trap, but it doesn’t fire. He is hit by a poison dart shortly after.
  • We hear clanking in the distance. Faris takes the front again.
  • We reach a door with clinking noises coming from behind it. It seems barred. Lundi attempts to break down the door, which doesn’t work, but the noises on the other side indicate that someone’s unbarring it.
  • A hooded figure opens the door, yells “Hold fire!” and pulls Faris into a bear hug.
  • Hooded figure turns out to be Faris’ dad, Dovar, who had to go into hiding. There are more familiar faces: Adriana and the casino guy (Aalem). The clinking noises are from the gun production going on.
  • Lundi frowns at Adriana. She giggles. We take off out disguises; Adriana seems unsurprised.
  • Faris’ mom is safe; she’s off-shore on a boat for a shipment.
  • Faris asks Adriana about her reasons for attacking us. As it turns out, the resistance were trying to gather as many magical artifacts as they could before the government started confiscating them from the civilians. She and Diana (also part of the resistance) overheard us talking about a magical artifact and went after us.
  • The resistance has some hierarchy, but no central leader.
  • Faris’ dad gives us the tour. There are gun production rooms, which is the resistance’s main source of income; there’s a locked room containing magical items; there are sleeping barracks; armories; and a huge hallway that’s still being dug out and will become a research lab. There’s another long hallway that goes outside the city, and there’s a prison complex with some people being held for questioning.
  • There’s a diseased wolf being kept in the prison complex. The resistance suspects the wolf of being an escaped experiment; an attempt at mago-bioterrorism by the ruling class. The last person who reported on the existence of these wolves disappeared.
  • The resistance is growing fast; its current goal is expansion.
  • Faris asks for access to check the magical item room for the presence of the grail that we’re looking for. Lundi knows what it looks like. However, the person guarding access to the room is away on important business.
  • Aalem heals Faris’ wounds.
  • The fine whiskey going missing from the Shanty Shack’s supply room is a cover story to smuggle things in whiskey crates.
  • We ask Dovar how we can help. He mentions strange monster sightings and asks if we know about the dragon. We tell him the full story.
  • Dovar notes that the Doraans will surely turn Faris in if they report back, so the debt needs to get settled quietly. He will arrange for biweekly payments to be made.
  • The resistance has a quest board, which notes that a tiny flying demon has been spotted – mostly at night – but not caught. It’s thought to be a spy and should be captured; preferably alive.
  • Before heading out, we stop by the supply room, where Lundi gets a masterwork version of his current armor and Faris gets a gun, as well as a Potion of Cure Light Wounds and a Potion of Expeditious Retreat.
  • Faris offers up the abandoned house home base in case the resistance can use it. We decide to move in with the resistance and transport our mounts to the stable in the harbor.
  • Conveniently, Faris spotted the tiny demon between the stables and the Shanty Shack, so it’s good to head that way anyway.
  • We arrive at the stables near base. Ruba is cranky as always, Bartholomeus is happy. Faris rides Ruba to the new stable.
  • After re-stabling our mounts, we check the newspaper at the nearest open inn. Travel is still banned; Ma’el is still doing poorly; everyone we know who was wanted is still wanted; some protests are still going on.
  • We head back to the resistance HQ and put a notice up on the quest board that we’re looking for Mez Khzazorye, pale/black hair/grey eyes, and to please inform us if you see anyone matching that description. We suggest you do not approach him. Also, please inform us of any talking ravens.
  • We head out again and work until dark, then roam the harbor for the tiny demon. We run into it a little after 10.
  • Faris shoots at it, misses, and shoots their own foot. Lundi shoots and hits.
  • The tiny demon poofs and is gone. Lundi thinks it became invisible. Faris shoots a few arrows at the spot where it was earlier, feels like they lost her after two arrows. Lundi tries to frost that spot and nothing happens – but he does get frightened and run away as the demon’s invisibility breaks.
  • After some more arrows and invisibility, the demon still looks pretty happy. We come up with a plan to lure it to the waterfront, where there are fish nets. Right after this, the demon knocks Lundi out and starts to search him. Faris runs to the waterfront, grabs a net, and comes running back.
  • Faris misses throwing the net at the demon, but Lundi thankfully heals enough to grab the net and throw it over her. We grab the net and start heading to the Shanty Shack basement.
  • We show Dovar the demon, who’s invisible again but still moving frantically in the net. The demon (in the net) is put in a prison cell. We rifle through its invisible demon pockets and find an unknown potion. The resistance rewards us with a Scroll of Summon Monster and 50 gold each.
  • The potion has a faint illusion aura.
  • We sleep in the resistance base.

March 12 – Lareya resistance base

  • We wake up and Lundi studies the potion for an hour.
  • We pick up some expirable extracts from Dovar and drink one Extract of Cure Light Wounds right away.
  • Lundi wants to interrogate the demon with a Comprehend Languages extract, but it turns out to be gone and no one saw it. It probably left as soon as it was unwatched. We add some information to the bulletin board quest: damage reduction, invisibility, poisonous, causes fear, and disappeared in a weird way.
  • Dovar gives us one key for the basement lock.
  • We head out and check the newspaper. People are still unruly in general.
  • We work a full day, and head to the library afterwards to look for links between the Iwetet dragons, and possible “betrayal of the lands”.

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