The Irdigin Archives

Session 10 notes

March 12th – Lareya

  • We head to the library to look for links between the Iwetet dragons and whatever could be the “betrayal of the lands”. 3 hours later, we’ve learned that there’s no physical evidence of dragons of the size we saw. Iwetet ruins had depictions of larger dragons, and depictions of dragons and other creatures being magical, but scholars concluded these to be mythological. The depicted dragons also looked like more common dragons, not like the one with glowing eyes.
  • Faris and Lundi discuss for a while whether Mez being the betrayer of the lands could have anything to do with the disappearance of magic and Ma’el dying. Lundi wants to investigate ravens further and suggests heading for Alassah, where there were large flocks of ravens. Faris prefers to find a scholar on the subject and tries to think of someone they knew worked on animal behavior at the Magic Academy.
  • Faris goes over their past notes and realizes that they missed a connection. A dragon razed the dead council members’ houses shortly before March 9th. The only dragon we know of was looking for Mez.
  • We pull up a list of recent council members, which predictably does not list Mez Khzazorye. Lundi wants to narrow the list down based on appearance, Faris wants to investigate ties to ravens, familiars, or shapeshifting.
  • The library closes before we can investigate further. We head back to the resistance base.
  • Dovar Kasun asks Faris whether they want to learn more about modern combat techniques. He hands them a gun and suggests they talk to Diana.
  • Dovar introduces Faris and Lundi to the unfamiliar people in the hangout room. We end up talking to Esmer, who also studied at the Academy of Magic. He’s Hanayan and had to drop out when he didn’t get a magic permit.
  • We also meet Kimak, a big guy who is Txashum-Minghondian mixed race. His mother came to the city when their oasis dried up and had an affair with a Minghondian magistrate from which he was born. He grew up in the slums and joined the Minghondian Magisterial Guard at a later age, because it paid well and allowed him to improve the conditions in the slums. He quit the Guard because of the guard brutality against his people and other non-Minghondians, and came to the resistance to prevent more rights being taken away.
  • Kimak is trained in the ways of the Magisterial Guard and Esmer is interested in lore, item creation, and magical enhancement.
  • Kimak wants to see Faris’ horse when he heard Faris is a cavalier. Faris dryly notes it’s a camel and Kimak loses interest.
  • We inform about the dead council members. Esmer thinks the resistance is behind the mysterious murders, but disagrees with this course of action. We tell Kimak and Esmer that we’re after a mysterious figure called Mez Khzazorye, and that the dragon is after him after well.
  • Esmer is interested in the dragon. Faris attempts a crude drawing which ends up looking like a cat. Esmer agrees that the glowing eyes are clearly new, and that the media reported no such thing.
  • Esmer elaborates on the council members who were killed along with their family. One was the Secretary of the Council and one was a member of the wealthiest magic family, who are in charge of the magic infrastructures.
  • Faris wonders whether the dragon has any sort of sway over the resistance. Esmer personally suspects the dragon was a distraction produced by the Minghondian establishment, and that they’ve been trying to cover up things. He mentions the demon spy as an example of the weird creatures that they may be cooking up.
  • Kimak and Esmer head to the sleeping quarters, and Faris and Lundi check the bulletin board. The harbor will finally be opened to ships again and there’s a request for strong people to help unload a shipment tomorrow.
  • We head to bed and sleep, with a brief interruption from a parrot yelling about intruders.



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