The Irdigin Archives

Session 11 notes

March 13th – Lareya resistance base

  • We wake up early and head to the harbor in disguise to help unload the ship. Adriana is giggling and laying the charm on a harbor official who’s going over her papers, then gestures for us to come over. Kimak joins too and we haul stuff back to the base for a while.
  • Back at base, Faris talks to Diana about gun training. She’s willing to train them but notes that she’s overseeing the ship business and there will be some interruptions.
  • Diana and Faris start training. Lundi meanwhile goes to compare spellbooks with Esmer.
  • Faris asks Diana questions about her history and how she came to join the resistance. She shares that her family invented the gun, but they have been imprisoned on false charges of conspiring to overthrow the sitting government, even before the gun laws were passed. Diana hid and is continuing her family’s work, and hopes to one day free them.
  • Diana mostly spends her time on manufacturing guns for the resistance, but is also working on a new gun prototype. An earlier version exploded in her face and left a scar.
  • Lundi asks Esmer whether he knows anything about the ravens showing up and tells him about the flock of ravens that left him with his scar. Esmer notes that familiars can deliver touch spells. Lundi shares that the scar was an Iwetet symbol, according to the shaman he visited, and informs Esmer about the intact Iwetet ruin we found, the statues we brought back to life, and the dragon being pissed off about it. Esmer is shocked and tells Lundi he wouldn’t know what to do in that situation.
  • Lundi copies some spells from Esmer’s spellbook: Windy Escape and Mage Armor. He also tries to identify the potion, and feels like he should be doing a good job at it, but the potion just glows at him mysteriously.
  • Lundi and Faris speculate about the ravens and all other ties together for a while. Faris wonders whether other Ma’el sprouts mark other Iwetet tombs.
  • We intend to head to the library to check for the council members’ portraits, but it’s late and the library is closed. We check the paper instead.
  • According to the paper, travel is allowed again for those with a permit, the Magic Academy opens up again tomorrow, and there are reports of magic going awry (unintended spell effects) around the world. Experts source this last point to Ma’el being in bad condition.
  • We go to bed and sleep poorly because of the parrot.

March 14th – Lareya resistance base

  • We wake up and check the paper. The Magic Academy has reopened, but magic has been having unintended spell effects in the classrooms.
  • Faris finds Diana and continues training with her, this time learning how to quickly fix a gun after a misfire. Lundi wants to go gamble but checks the bulletin board first. The resistance is looking for people to go on a seafaring trip to Apico, a subtropical region to the North.
  • Lundi comes to Faris’ training area to tell them about the trip. Faris is hesitant because all their responsibilities are here, but agrees to go. Lundi goes find Kimak to ask if he wants to come with them, and Kimak cheerfully agrees.
  • Lundi goes gambling. Faris finishes up today’s training and takes Ruba out for a leisurely ride around the harbor district.
  • When Faris gets back to base, they see Alem with the sleeping quarters parrot. Faris asks Alem if there’s a trick to keeping her quiet. Alem tells Faris that Polly has PTSD and has to sleep in the sleeping hall with him.



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