The Irdigin Archives

Session 8 notes

March 8th – Lareya

  • We wake up and go to the Frolicking Frog, where there are no messages for us
  • Someone in the corner is looking at us funny. Turns out Faris is listed by name in the paper as a wanted criminal, but the nose is all wrong. Faris’ father is listed too, on suspicions of terrorism.
  • Faris comes up with the false identity Izudin Mirsad and heads back to base to cut their hair
  • Lundi wants to go back to the Shanty Shack basement to look for hidden doors, and sits outside the basement “covertly”. He is confronted by the bouncer from the day before and asked to leave, so heads back to base.
  • We visit the Shanty Shack, where Lundi shows the bartender a crudely drawn picture of the assassin. The bartender doesn’t know shit about the assassin and doesn’t want to get involved. He does mention that stuff gets stolen somewhat routinely; fine whisky specifically. It’s probably not always the same person, as the lock is not always forced. The bartender claims that only he and the bouncer have the basement key.
  • Failing to find the assassin, we go to the Txashum elders to ask what they found out from when they questioned her. They inform us that she just appeared to be someone who was trying to feed their family.
  • We read the paper, which has a really thick appendix with a lot of wanted people. The front page lists a terrorist attack at the magisterial council; two influential council members were found dead in their beds.
  • Lundi senses revolution and wants to be a part of it, so wants to make some underworld connections. He goes gambling and canvassing while Faris goes to work as a stablehand.
  • Lundi checks his weapons at the door of the casino, spots a gambling bigwig and moves to the poker table with him. He wins a 5 gp hand and tells the guy he can keep his cash in exchange for information. While this man can’t tell him about the terrorists or Faris’ parents, he can hook him up with a gun seller. He slips Lundi a piece of paper while playing another game for 5 gp, which Lundi loses. The bigwig also knows the gun chick, who comes in occasionally and buys some supplies.
  • The slip of paper lists an address in the harbor district. We scope it out from outside: shabby store named The Ranger’s Place, currently closed.
  • Back to base, sleep in shifts. Nothing happens during the night.

March 9th – Lareya

  • Lundi suggests visiting The Ranger’s Place. We head there. They appear to have a selection of ranged weapons.
  • Lundi tells the shopkeeper who he got this address from and that he wants information on people. (“So I hear you supply to people in need.”)
  • We’re lead down to a supply room with a wall of guns, the cheapest of which is 740 gp. We leave without buying anything.
  • Upon leaving, Faris sees someone turn the corner, see us, and turn back – turns out to be the gun chick. We camp out in case she comes back and hide poorly behind a plant pot.
  • Two guards attempt to arrest us for suspicious behavior. Faris informs them of Lundi’s weak bowels, and that he was scoping out the plant pot as an emergency pooping place. They tell us to go poop at the Shanty Shack.
  • We leave for the Shanty Shack and go read the paper there.
  • Lundi interrogates the bartender about why the bouncer isn’t here; is told he’s sick.
  • According to the paper, a dragon razed the dead council member’s houses. Also, Lundi is now wanted too, at a higher price than Faris.
  • We head back to base and spend the rest of the day crafting disguises: same race, same age, different appearance. Faris becomes Izudin Mirsad and Lundi becomes Andile Sebo.
  • We sleep in shifts, nothing happens.

March 10th – Lareya

  • We plan to travel to Minghonda to find the investigator
  • When we head to the Lareya north gate, there are lots of guards around and the gate is closed
  • Lundi asks citizens what’s going on. Apparently there’s a red alert for terrorist attacks so no one’s allowed to travel without a permit.
  • We go get a paper, which doesn’t say much except that some measures will be taken regarding threat level. The good news is that it’s pretty likely that gun chick is also locked in here.
  • We check on Ruba and Bartholomeus, who are cranky and happy respectively, as always
  • We decide to try and find gun chick and find out who sent her after us, by hanging out at shady places in disguise
  • First up: beer at the Shanty Shack. The bartender and bouncer don’t recognize us, though the bartender refuses to share juicy rumors as he takes his patrons’ privacy very seriously. We drink the cheapest ale (4 cp) for two hours without anyone notable arriving.
  • Lundi goes gambling and sees the rogue chick walk in, drop off two daggers at the entrance, and sit down at the blackjack table
  • Faris checks with the stable but they don’t need help today because of the travel ban, so they wander the harbor a bit and see nothing of interest
  • Lundi tries to chat up the rogue chick. She comes here only occasionally and asks for a nonalcoholic drink when offered. Her name is Adriana and she looks about 25. Her (large, working class) family owns a business – postal service – and she helps out. She runs the post office near the city center, which uses pigeons sometimes, but not ravens. She claims to be a normal girl who just wants to get a bit crazy sometimes and gamble away some money.
  • She challenges Lundi to a game, which he wins, surprising her. Lundi quits and says he hopes to see her again.
  • Both Faris and Lundi head back to the Shanty Shack from their respective locations. Faris is punished for metagaming with a tiny flying demon blocking their path. It doesn’t react when approached – just keeps staring – and Faris manages to pass it without problems, just unsettled.
  • Faris tells Lundi about the tiny demon, Lundi tells Faris about Adriana
  • We visit the post office, where Lundi asks if Adriana is working today. He’s told she has the day off. The booth girl giggles like Adriana and turns out to be her cousin.
  • The cost of sending a letter is only 5 cp; may be a way to contact the investigator
  • We stake out the post office for gun chick while Faris writes a letter to Mr. Lenti
  • Dear Mr. Lenti, it is unfortunate that we were unable to reconvene after our last inspiring encounter. I wuld love an update on your research regarding Ma’el, and given the current travel ban, perhaps we can help you acquire research materials from Lareya. Kind regards, F.K. P.S. Please address correspondence to Team Sugar & Spice.
  • We only have his Alassah address, so Faris sends it there and is told it will take 2-3 days to arrive
  • We check the Frolicking Frog for messages for Team Sugar & Spice, but there are none
  • At the Shanty Shack, we order dinner, and Lundi asks the bartender about Adriana while pretending to have a crush. He’s told everyone loves Adriana and to get in line. She’s unpredictable in showing up.
  • We realize that the paper appendix lists names, not only ours but also Adriana’s and gun chick’s, so we check the paper. Adriana was wanted for some minor charges yesterday, but not listed as wanted in today’s paper. Gun chick is, and her name is Diana Tulis.
  • Faris doesn’t know anything about the Tulis family
  • The bartender shares that Adriana visits sometimes, talks to a few people, usually leaves pretty quickly
  • A 50-something guy comes in and also asks the bartender about Adriana. The bartender laughs it off.
  • We plot to get into the basement, because we know the bartender is lying to us: he either came through a hidden basement entrance, or he saw Adriana down there. We plan to hire a rogue to pick the lock and think we may be able to find one at the casino.



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