The Irdigin Archives

Session 9 notes

March 10 – evening in Lareya

  • We head to the casino to find a lockpicking rogue
  • Lundi gambles, Faris joins the audience
  • Lundi asks people what they do for a living, gets a lot of politically correct answers. Someone suggests he shouldn’t ask people about their profession.
  • After an uneventful evening, we leave and go visit the Ranger’s Place, which turns out to be closed. We head back to base and sleep (no shifts, nothing happens).

March 11 – Lareya

  • We discuss the idea of freezing and shattering the lock of the Shanty Shack basement door instead of finding someone to pick the lock
  • The Shanty Shack is closed from 4:00 to 11:00, so we get up early and head to the bar at 6
  • Faris stands guard and will make the sound of a dying giraffe if anyone comes. Lundi magically freezes and tries to shatter the lock, which takes a few tries. Someone throws a shoe out of the window at Lundi and complains about the noise at this time. Faris assumes Lundi notices that and that they don’t need to make the sound of a dying giraffe.
  • Lundi shatters the lock and makes the sound of a living giraffe.
  • We go in – it’s pitch black and Lundi casts Dancing Lights. There’s nothing that could explain why the barman was covered in tar when he came out. We search for hidden passages for half an hour and find a secret door after accidentally leaning against a fake brick.
  • The door opens to reveal a dark hallway. Faris readies an arrow and we head down the hallway, checking for traps every few feet.
  • Faris is stabbed in the side by a spear. Lundi takes the front.
  • Lundi immediately falls through a trapdoor and ends up in the sea. Faris decides to leave the basement while Lundi swims back to shore. We regroup outside and retry.
  • Lundi triggers an arrow trap, but it doesn’t fire. He is hit by a poison dart shortly after.
  • We hear clanking in the distance. Faris takes the front again.
  • We reach a door with clinking noises coming from behind it. It seems barred. Lundi attempts to break down the door, which doesn’t work, but the noises on the other side indicate that someone’s unbarring it.
  • A hooded figure opens the door, yells “Hold fire!” and pulls Faris into a bear hug.
  • Hooded figure turns out to be Faris’ dad, Dovar, who had to go into hiding. There are more familiar faces: Adriana and the casino guy (Aalem). The clinking noises are from the gun production going on.
  • Lundi frowns at Adriana. She giggles. We take off out disguises; Adriana seems unsurprised.
  • Faris’ mom is safe; she’s off-shore on a boat for a shipment.
  • Faris asks Adriana about her reasons for attacking us. As it turns out, the resistance were trying to gather as many magical artifacts as they could before the government started confiscating them from the civilians. She and Diana (also part of the resistance) overheard us talking about a magical artifact and went after us.
  • The resistance has some hierarchy, but no central leader.
  • Faris’ dad gives us the tour. There are gun production rooms, which is the resistance’s main source of income; there’s a locked room containing magical items; there are sleeping barracks; armories; and a huge hallway that’s still being dug out and will become a research lab. There’s another long hallway that goes outside the city, and there’s a prison complex with some people being held for questioning.
  • There’s a diseased wolf being kept in the prison complex. The resistance suspects the wolf of being an escaped experiment; an attempt at mago-bioterrorism by the ruling class. The last person who reported on the existence of these wolves disappeared.
  • The resistance is growing fast; its current goal is expansion.
  • Faris asks for access to check the magical item room for the presence of the grail that we’re looking for. Lundi knows what it looks like. However, the person guarding access to the room is away on important business.
  • Aalem heals Faris’ wounds.
  • The fine whiskey going missing from the Shanty Shack’s supply room is a cover story to smuggle things in whiskey crates.
  • We ask Dovar how we can help. He mentions strange monster sightings and asks if we know about the dragon. We tell him the full story.
  • Dovar notes that the Doraans will surely turn Faris in if they report back, so the debt needs to get settled quietly. He will arrange for biweekly payments to be made.
  • The resistance has a quest board, which notes that a tiny flying demon has been spotted – mostly at night – but not caught. It’s thought to be a spy and should be captured; preferably alive.
  • Before heading out, we stop by the supply room, where Lundi gets a masterwork version of his current armor and Faris gets a gun, as well as a Potion of Cure Light Wounds and a Potion of Expeditious Retreat.
  • Faris offers up the abandoned house home base in case the resistance can use it. We decide to move in with the resistance and transport our mounts to the stable in the harbor.
  • Conveniently, Faris spotted the tiny demon between the stables and the Shanty Shack, so it’s good to head that way anyway.
  • We arrive at the stables near base. Ruba is cranky as always, Bartholomeus is happy. Faris rides Ruba to the new stable.
  • After re-stabling our mounts, we check the newspaper at the nearest open inn. Travel is still banned; Ma’el is still doing poorly; everyone we know who was wanted is still wanted; some protests are still going on.
  • We head back to the resistance HQ and put a notice up on the quest board that we’re looking for Mez Khzazorye, pale/black hair/grey eyes, and to please inform us if you see anyone matching that description. We suggest you do not approach him. Also, please inform us of any talking ravens.
  • We head out again and work until dark, then roam the harbor for the tiny demon. We run into it a little after 10.
  • Faris shoots at it, misses, and shoots their own foot. Lundi shoots and hits.
  • The tiny demon poofs and is gone. Lundi thinks it became invisible. Faris shoots a few arrows at the spot where it was earlier, feels like they lost her after two arrows. Lundi tries to frost that spot and nothing happens – but he does get frightened and run away as the demon’s invisibility breaks.
  • After some more arrows and invisibility, the demon still looks pretty happy. We come up with a plan to lure it to the waterfront, where there are fish nets. Right after this, the demon knocks Lundi out and starts to search him. Faris runs to the waterfront, grabs a net, and comes running back.
  • Faris misses throwing the net at the demon, but Lundi thankfully heals enough to grab the net and throw it over her. We grab the net and start heading to the Shanty Shack basement.
  • We show Dovar the demon, who’s invisible again but still moving frantically in the net. The demon (in the net) is put in a prison cell. We rifle through its invisible demon pockets and find an unknown potion. The resistance rewards us with a Scroll of Summon Monster and 50 gold each.
  • The potion has a faint illusion aura.
  • We sleep in the resistance base.

March 12 – Lareya resistance base

  • We wake up and Lundi studies the potion for an hour.
  • We pick up some expirable extracts from Dovar and drink one Extract of Cure Light Wounds right away.
  • Lundi wants to interrogate the demon with a Comprehend Languages extract, but it turns out to be gone and no one saw it. It probably left as soon as it was unwatched. We add some information to the bulletin board quest: damage reduction, invisibility, poisonous, causes fear, and disappeared in a weird way.
  • Dovar gives us one key for the basement lock.
  • We head out and check the newspaper. People are still unruly in general.
  • We work a full day, and head to the library afterwards to look for links between the Iwetet dragons, and possible “betrayal of the lands”.



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